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About the art

Paints, inks, pen, and

found objects on paper and reclaimed wood panels.

Original mixed media tree art created using paints, inks, and pen on paper and reclaimed wood panels. Sue's unique self-taught style links trees with bright colors, found objects, texture, and bits of wisdom.  


Sue draws trees with whimsy, realism, humor, and environmental messages. Her self-taught techniques are not traditional, and they have led to a unique style. Sue's background in environmental science, her obsession with detail, and absolute love of linking quotes, lyrics, and bits of wisdom to each piece have led to a creative path that is constantly branching and evolving. 

About the artist

About the artist

I  live and  breathe for my  FAMILY, my  ART 

and the  OUTDOORS.

I don't crave things, I crave experiences. I won't live long enough to explore all the places I want to go, or to draw all the art that is in my head. I walk at 5 am in the dark when people are sleeping, and I love a good sweaty workout. I could eat a whole loaf of homemade bread right out of the oven. I wear jeans until they fall apart. Being a mother is my greatest accomplishment. I'm happiest barefoot, eating wild berries, with my family, on top of a mountain, preferably all at the same time. I'm going to be climbing mountains until I'm too old to walk. Then I'm going to make my children piggy back me to the top like I did for them.

About the art


Stay up to date with Sue's most recent creations, inspiration, and upcoming shows!


Browse one-of-a-kind Originals, and a collection of Prints, Giclees, and Cards - ship anywhere!

Art  Shows

Visit Sue in person at Art Shows and Festivals in Arizona, Colorado, Texas, Nevada, and beyond!


Contact Sue

Thank you for contacting Heartwood Artist! Please allow a few days for a response - we're often on the road for shows!

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